Roadmap 2018

Editing and Content

  • ✔ Ensure support for H5P interactive elements with graceful fallbacks across all formats
  • ✔ Ensure support for video and audio with graceful fallbacks across all formats
  • ✔ Extend licensing module to support licensing and attribution of media/attachments
  • Expand math (LaTeX/MathML) support, optimizing output for all formats
  • Develop an index management tool
  • ✔ Develop a glossary management tool
  • Add automatic numbering to images and figures
  • Add user-facing guidance to the image uploader to ensure high-quality output across all formats
  • ✔ Add support for multiple contributors (authors, editors, translators, etc.)
  • ✔Add granular controls to allow user to hide specific content from the TOC
  • Add support for new custom elements in the editor (e.g. columns)
  • Add support for book-level endnotes
  • Develop a strategy for handling broken links to external content across all formats
  • Develop a strategy for versioning/version control of books

Core Technology

  • ✔ Develop criteria and process for whitelisting and recommending plugins that enhance Pressbooks
  • Update HTML and EPUB export routines to use Blade templates for flexibility and maintainability
  • Adopt HTMLBook as our new base scheme for HTML and EPUB exports
  • ✔ Add custom metadata support to the Pressbooks REST API and clone tool
  • Explore approaches to ensuring compatibility with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg
  • Add support for authenticated operations over the Pressbooks REST API using JSON Web Tokens
  • Expand testing tools, including PHP and Javascript unit testing and front-end testing with Behat

Themes and Theme Design

  • ✔ Finish our new landing page theme
  • ✔ Finish our new webbook theme
  • ✔ Improve section heading outputs in EPUB and PDF
  • ✔ Improve textbox and table styling across all formats
  • ✔ Finalize new theme structure and begin migrating themes
  • ✔ Develop two new themes oriented towards textbook and OER use cases

Import, Export, and Cloning

  • Switch default EPUB export format to EPUB3
  • Refactor and improve Word and ODT import and export
  • ✔ Add support for chapter-level cloning
  • Add support for chapter-level exports
  • Improve support for PDF print profile
  • Add support for authenticated cloning from private Pressbooks instances
  • Add support for metadata outputs (MARC, ONIX, etc.)
  • Add support for cloning a collection of books
  • ✔ Add support for Common Cartridge import and export

User Interface

  • ✔ Overhaul the Organize page, prioritizing accessibility, fully responsive design, and inline and batch editing support of front matter/chapter/back matter properties
  • Review WordPress’ default user roles and capabilities from a book publishing perspective, with possible modifications/new roles to be determined
  • Investigate methods for providing book-level analytics on networks where books are in subdirectories as opposed to subdomains
  • Enhance the cloning, import, and export interfaces to provide realtime feedback throughout clone, import, and export operations

Accessibility and Inclusivity

  • Integrate the Fluid Project’s Preferences Framework into our root and book themes for improved front-end accessibility
  • Add user interface prompts for authors to help guide them towards creating accessible content
  • ✔ Implement improvements across the Pressbooks UI based on an accessibility audit
  • ✔ Work towards accessibility certification (AODA and others)