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Why should we host with Pressbooks?

We are the Pressbooks experts! Which means that you’ve always got the best, tested software, the best infrastructure, and the best technical support for your faculty, students, and any other users of Pressbooks. We have built Pressbooks from the ground up, and know all of its intricacies, opportunities and constraints: we know what it can do now, and what it will be able to do in the future. We’ve built secure and robust infrastructure for cloud-based hosting, backups, and deployments – so you can always rest easy. 

What is your hosting infrastructure?

As Pressbooks experts, we have a robust infrastructure that is tailored to the needs of Pressbooks at scale. PressbooksEDU is hosted in an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), using:

We use three primary tools to build and manage Pressbooks EDU infrastructure and networks:

  • Terraform builds and manages server and database infrastructure on the Amazon cloud, based on clearly defined specifications tuned to our product requirements by an AWS-certified consultant;
  • Ansible provisions servers and databases using our customized version of the Trellis 12-factor WordPress application stack;
  • wp-cli is used with Ansible to complete the initial setup of new Pressbooks EDU networks and helps with other ongoing maintenance tasks such as WordPress database upgrades.

What is the PressbooksEDU approach to security?

We are rigorous in applying system security best-practices, including implementation of:

  • 12-factor application methodology for stability, maintainability and reproducibility of infrastructure
  • PHP 7.1 and all the most recent versions and patches of WordPress and all plugins
  • DDOS protection using fail2ban
  • Comprehensive server monitoring via Amazon CloudWatch and New Relic

How does PressbooksEDU handle backups?

PressbooksEDU networks are backed up daily with the ability to rapidly restore databases, file uploads and exports should the need arise. All infrastructure and server configuration information is maintained under version control, using Ansible Vault and git-crypt for secrets. Because of this, we can efficiently rebuild infrastructure from backups in the event of system failures, viruses, malware, accidental data loss, or other catastrophes, calamities, or unforeseen events.

How does PressbooksEDU handle updates and dependency management?

Our development team handles all updates and maintenance to hosted Pressbooks networks, so that PressbooksEDU systems are always running the latest release of Pressbooks (released on a weekly deploy schedule with updates and changes). WordPress and all plugins and dependencies are tested and updated as necessary on our infrastructure before deployment. Testing protocols are reviewed regularly, and updated to reflect the needs of our high-volume networks.

Among the dependencies and integrations that we handle on PressbooksEDU systems are the following:

  • EpubCheck, the validation tool for EPUB files.
  • PrinceXML/DocRaptor, premium PDF rendering engine
  • KindleGen, the Amazon-developed conversion tool that produces ebook files for Amazon e-readers such as Kindle HDX, Kindle Fire, etc.
  • SaxonHE, the required library for OpenDocument file exports.
  • Xmllint, the required library for validation of (X)HTML outputs.

What Plugins does PressbooksEDU support?

The Pressbooks dev team tests, and where necessary improves third-party plugins that are approved for deployment on Pressbooks. This includes making sure that generic WordPress plugins don’t break Pressbooks in unexpected ways, for instance, by breaking PDF exports, or interfering with other plugins. Below is a list of plugins that we support at different pricing levels. If you have another plugin you’d like to use, please contact us and we will discuss with you.


  • Akismet Akismet is a comment spam checker. (Note: your Akismet subscription fee is not included in your PressbooksEDU plan).
  • Allows users to provide commentary, references, and insight on top of Pressbooks books via the service.
  • H5P (coming soon), makes it easy to create, share and reuse interactive HTML5 content and applications, such as quizzes and assessments.


  • LTI integration, allows Pressbooks books & interactive elements to be launched within the LMS, and learning activities to be captured (via xAPI or Caliper).

**Pressbooks provides integrations to a few select 3rd-party plugins/services (such as H5P and As these are 3rd party applications, we cannot guarantee the code/services provided by another party. It is our policy to contact 3rd parties with bug reports if and when issues arise. However, we have no control over the timeline or nature of fixes by these entities.  


If you have need of other plugins, please contact us, and we’ll discuss with you.

Does PressbooksEDU have a Roadmap?

Pressbooks has a public roadmap, and we move as fast as we can. Do you need new features? A custom theme? A new plugin? Contact us to discuss.

What if I decide to move from hosted to self-hosted Pressbooks?

The power of Open source is that you can control your own applications and content – and never have to worry about another company locking you out. We feel strongly about this, which is why we commit, in the case you wish to leave us, to providing a clear roadmap for full-exports of databases, and all content.

Can I brand my PressbooksEDU network with my colors and logos?

Yes! PressbooksEDU networks can be customized to fit in with their organization’s brand. This can happen both for individual Pressbooks networks, and groupings of Pressbooks networks (for instance multiple institutions within a consortia).

What sort of training do I get for PressbooksEDU?

We provide web-based training for PressbooksEDU. On-site training is available at an additional charge and on consortium plans.

Are there any discounts on enterprise plans?

Open Textbook Network institutional members can save 30% off PressbooksEDU Silver and Gold plans. Email to learn more.

Want to try out PressbooksEDU? Open Textbook Network members can try out PressbooksEDU features on one book for free! Sign up to get started.

What other institutions are using Pressbooks?

Ryerson/eCampus Ontario has a dedicated Pressbooks instance for universities throughout Ontario, Canada, to create, remix and disseminate OER including Open Textbooks.

Fortress Press moved the bulk of their book production (mainly of scholarly monographs in theology) to Pressbooks, saving money and time, and increasing speed to market. They produce more than 100 books per year on Pressbooks.

Tufts University School of Medicine selected Pressbooks as their platform for developing a series of faculty-developed syllabi and corresponding course materials.

Open Oregon creates open textbooks on Pressbooks as part of their competitive open educational resources program.

Michigan Publishing is using Pressbooks to support a range of non-traditional publishing, including monographs, a series of histories of university faculties, and other grey publishing endeavours.

BCcampus, the implementing agency for the British Columbia mandated Open Textbook program, has developed several dozen new open textbooks using the Pressbooks platform.