Q3 Roadmap Preview

Q2 is drawing to a close, and we managed to get a couple of big-ticket items out the door:

We didn’t manage to finish as many roadmap items as we expected, but here’s what we crossed out:

  • ✔ Improve textbox and table styling across all formats
  • ✔ Finalize new theme structure and begin migrating themes
  • ✔ Add support for Common Cartridge import and export

We’ll be going forward with a simplified list for Q3, with only a couple of big items. We want to focus Q3 on general housekeeping tasks such as UX improvements and backend optimisations:

Big projects

  • Provide basic support for Shibboleth SSO
  • Add new shortcodes to facilitate authoring
  • Begin researching analytics solutions

Housekeeping items

  • UX improvements to the webbook Table of Contents
  • UX improvements to the Export page
  • Other backend and frontend UX improvements
  • Accessibility improvements
  • Ongoing theme conversions

If you’re planning on working on any of these items or would like to collaborate, please let us know in the forums or tweet @pressbooksdev!

Sprint Preview: June 25 – July 6

This sprint, we’ll be working on:

Also, we’ll be off both Mondays this sprint, as it will be Québec and Canada’s national holidays, so the Open Source call will happen on Tuesday, July 3.

Pressbooks 5.3.0, McLuhan 2.3.0 and Aldine 1.3.0

Pressbooks 5.3.0, McLuhan 2.3.0 and Aldine 1.3.0 are now available. Changes include a new tool to compare cloned content with its source in the webbook, the ability to automatically collapse chapter sections in the webbook, many accessibility improvements in the webbook reading interface, and a number of bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements. Many thanks to Jonathan Hung, Lukas Kaiser, and Brad Payne for their contributions! You can read the full changelogs here:

Sprint Preview: May 14-25

Here’s what we’re working on this sprint:

  • LTI provider plugin: This week, we’ll be working on the Thin Common Cartridge component of our Pressbooks LTI Provider plugin, which will enable Pressbooks users to export a Thin Common Cartridge file directly from the standard Pressbooks export interface. We are grateful to all the members of the Open Source community who have helped us along this process for their valuable input! 🙂
  • Pressbooks, McLuhan, Aldine: We’re getting close to finishing the Pressbooks 5.3.0 update, as well as updates to McLuhan and Aldine; if all goes well, we’ll be aiming to release them on Wednesday, May 16th.
  • Buckram: We’ll be fine-tuning our Buckram themes for Buckram 1.0 release.
  • On the front end, we’ll be starting some spec work to improve usability on Aldine and webbook homepages.