Sprint Preview: August 20-31

Here are some of the things we’ll be working on this sprint:

  • Various small bug fixes and tweaks on themes
  • Implementing UX improvements to the Table of Contents (book landing page and sidebar) on webbooks
  • Add functionality to clone all media files when cloning a book
  • Continuing theme conversions to Buckram

Sprint Preview: August 6 to 17

Here are some of the things we’ll be working on this sprint:

  • Bug fixes for a couple of theme elements and theme options
  • Bug fixes/improvements to our cloning tool
  • Improving the UX of the book Table of Contents on the book homepage
  • Continuing work on the Export page UX
  • Continuing theme conversions to Buckram

We have also made our Shibboleth SSO Plugin public on GitHub, and invite you to test and give us comments!

Sprint Preview: July 23–August 3

Here’s what we’ll be working on this sprint:

  • Implementing new shortcodes for existing Pressbooks content
  • Explore options to improve the UX and accessibility of the exports page
  • Continuing Shibboleth research and development
  • Releasing updated versions of our premium Baker and Christie themes with Buckram compatibility
  • Updating our premium Andreessen and Dillard Plain themes for Buckram compatibility
  • Other small bug fixes

Pressbooks 5.4.1, McLuhan 2.4.1, and Luther 1.8.3

Pressbooks 5.4.1, McLuhan 2.4.0, and Luther 1.8.3 are now available! These releases contain bug fixes, including:

  • A fix for an issue where importing a Pressbooks XML file would ignore part content
  • A tweak to our iframe handling which attempts to convert iframes into embed shortcodes instead of deleting them for users who lack permissions to add/save iframes
  • A fallback for themes which don’t support Buckram 1.0’s updated textboxes
  • A bugfix for part titles in Luther
  • Some improved status codes for various conditions.

Pressbooks 5.4.1 requires WordPress 4.9.7.

For full changelogs, you can visit our documentation site.