Q1 Roadmap Preview

In December, the Pressbooks team spent some time planning our roadmap for Q1 2019. We’ve got some exciting projects planned for the next few months. Here’s some of what we’ll be working on:

  • Rebuilding the Export page with progress indicators during exports, improved management of export files, and full keyboard accessibility
  • Adding progress indicators to Clone and Import pages
  • Adding ORCID support for contributors
  • Improving support for books with editors or translators as primary contributors
  • Adding support for cloning H5P content
  • Adding metadata to webbooks to make it easier to cite them with Zotero
  • Adding JSON-LD metadata to webbooks
  • Adding a central database table of book metadata to Pressbooks networks to improve the performance of our /books API endpoint and tools that use it
  • Improving the functionality of the network catalog
  • Improving usage statistics at the network level
  • Adding the ability for network managers to set some default theme options at the network level
  • Exploring direct importing of Google Docs
  • Pursuing official certification for our LTI Provider plugin

These are our big projects; as always, we’ll continue to refine and improve Pressbooks in smaller ways in each sprint. If you have any questions we’re always happy to discuss! Our first Open Source call of the year will be on Monday, January 7th at 2pm Eastern. An agenda and Zoom link will be posted here and on our community forum by Monday morning.

Pressbooks 5.6.3, Mcluhan 2.6.1, and WordPress 5.0

We just finished our last releases of 2018, Pressbooks 5.6.3 and McLuhan 2.6.1. We’ll be deploying them to all hosted networks at the start of next week. These are minor bug fix releases which improve shortcodes, a focus style regression in McLuhan, and a bug with Hypothesis highlights which was introduced in McLuhan 2.6.0.

A note about WordPress 5.0 "Bebo": we’ve tested Pressbooks with WordPress 5.0 in our development and staging environments, and we are confident that open source users can proceed to update their networks to WordPress 5.0 without any disruption. As we previously wrote, we’ve disabled Gutenberg for the time being, so the editing experience will not be affected. We will be waiting to update our hosted networks until January.

Pressbooks 5.6.0, Mcluhan 2.6.0, and More

We’ve just released Pressbooks 5.6.0 and McLuhan 2.6.0. These releases include many new features and improvements, notably a tool for managing glossaries. The initial implementation of the new glossary tool was an open source contribution from Alex Paredes and Brad Payne at BCcampus — many thanks to them! There are also improvements to content licensing, webbook navigation and table of contents display, dashboard user experience, export customization, and performance as well as many bug fixes. We’ve also released Clarke 2.3.1 and Jacobs 1.2.0. You can read the full changelogs for all of these updates on our documentation site.

We’d like to thank Phil Barker, Ed Beck, Baldur Bjarnason, Antonio Devís, Thomas Dumm, Josie Gray, Jonathan Hung, James Paradiso, John Peter, Steve Swettenham, Naomi Salmon, Steel Wagstaff, and Lucas Wright for their feature requests and bug reports!