Pressbooks 5.7.1, Aldine 1.6.1, McLuhan 2.8.2, Etc

We released patches for our plugins and themes, and have deployed them to all our hosted networks. Highlights include fixes for users of Microsoft Edge and translations.



Pressbooks 5.7.0, Aldine 1.6.0, McLuhan 2.8.1, Etc

Last week, we released new versions of our plugins and themes. This week we’ve pushed out those changes to all our hosted networks. You can read about those changes here:



Looking Back, Looking Forward

After nearly eight years as part of the Pressbooks team—as a contractor from 2011–2015 and as lead developer since 2015—I’ve decided to return to my freelance practice. It’s been thrilling to see Pressbooks grow into what it is today, and to have been a part of that journey. I’m grateful to Hugh, Liz, Steel, Dac, Daniel, Taylor, and Phil (and Apurva and Zoe) for being such wonderful colleagues and I hope to stay involved with the Pressbooks project in the future!

Sprint Preview: February 18–March 1

This sprint, we’re focusing on wrapping up the releases of Pressbooks 5.7.0 and McLuhan 2.8.0. These releases will include a number of major improvements to the user experience and accessibility of the import, export, and clone tools, improvements to the glossary tool and tooltips, improved webbook metadata (including Zotero citation support), H5P activity cloning with supported versions of H5P (1.12, not yet released), and many other tweaks and bug fixes. We won’t be releasing these updates this sprint, but instead will be tagging release candidates for feedback from clients and open source users prior to production release in early March.

Pressbooks 5.6.5 and McLuhan 2.7.1

We’ve just released Pressbooks 5.6.5 and McLuhan 2.7.1. Pressbooks 5.6.5 adds support for EPUBCheck 4.1 (props Brad) and fixes a bug related to editing parts (props Josie for the bug report), as well as further optimizing SCSS compilation performance. McLuhan 2.7.1 includes Buckram 1.3.1 and fixes a bug which prevented direct linking to anchors within collapsed sections (props Josie for the bug report).

Sprint Preview: January 28–February 8

This sprint we’re continuing work towards our next release, Pressbooks 5.7. We’ll be focusing on the following projects:

  • Refining the newly-rebuilt export page and integrating real-time progress indicators
  • Solidifying support for cloning H5P activities
  • Improvements to our glossary tool, bringing support for rich text and better tooltips
  • Releasing version 2.0 of our Atwood theme, and preparing versions 2.0 of Graham and Bradbury and version 3.0 of Austen for release in a future sprint

Also, we’re changing our sprint structure a little bit. We’ll be continuing to work in two-week sprints, but we’re going to include a one-week Kanban in between sprints for smaller bug fixes and improvements, product spec preparation, and planning. We will continue to share sprint previews but these will now come every three weeks instead of every two weeks (with the next sprint preview coming Monday, February 18th).