Pressbooks 3.8.0

Pressbooks 3.8.0 just went live on and all of our other production networks. Here’s what changed:

  • Feature: The redistribution option from Pressbooks Textbook, which allows a book administrator to share the latest export files of their book on the webbook cover page, has been migrated into Pressbooks and can be found under (Network) Settings -> Sharing and Privacy. Many thanks to @bdolor for developing this feature (and fixing a display bug in our implementation of it).
  • Feature: Luther and all child themes now support searching within webbooks.
  • Feature: The promotion on book covers can now be hidden using the PB_HIDE_COVER_PROMO constant.
  • Enhancement: Hypothesis has been added to the supported plugins list, and the supported plugins list is now built more intelligently.
  • Enhancement: The hard-coded default theme for new books has been replaced by the following logic: 1. Use PB_BOOK_THEME (if set); 2. Use WP_DEFAULT_THEME (if set); 3. Use Luther.
  • Enhancement: Added the pressbooks_register_theme_directory action to support the registration of custom theme directores by third-party developers (props to @bdolor).
  • Enhancement: Added support for testing PrinceXML’s built-in PDF profile support by setting the PB_PDF_PROFILE constant to the desired profile.
  • Enhancement: Refactored generic shortcodes to allow testing and test were written for them.
  • Enhancement: Switched from internal fork to dev-master of gridonic/princexmlphp and switched to versioned copy of pressbooks/saxonhe.
  • Enhancement: The \Pressbooks\Modules\ThemeOptions class now supports the registration of custom tags by third-party developers.
  • Fix: Removed a leftover conditional check for the accessibility_fontsize option in webbooks (props to @bdolor for the bug report).
  • Fix: Internal links to parts now work in XHTML, PDF and EPUB exports.
  • Fix: Fixed some faulty logic in the TOC collapse Javascript (props to @bdolor).
  • Fix: Fixed some incorrect color values in the mobile admin bar.
  • Fix: Fixed a misplaced comment in the conditional check for IE 9 in Pressbooks Book (props to @chrillep).
  • Fix: Fixed a bug where protocol-relative images would not be exported properly in EPUB (props to @bdolor).

Pressbooks 3.7.0

Pressbooks 3.7.0 just went live on and all of our other production networks. Here’s what changed:

  • Feature: Introduced \Pressbooks\Options class and rebuilt theme options using on this class.
  • Feature: Introduced \Pressbooks\Taxonomy class and rebuilt front matter, chapter and back matter types using this class.
  • Feature: Added support for custom base font size, line height, page margins, image resolution and running content in SCSS v2 themes for PDF.
  • Feature: Enabled webbook collapsible TOC by default (as needed).
  • Feature: Enabled webbook font size control by default.
  • Feature: Added custom sidebar color for catalog (props to @monkecheese).
  • Enhancement: Prince will now ignore self-signed certificates in a development environment.
  • Fix: Fixed an admin style inconsistency introduced with WordPress 4.6.
  • Fix: Fixed an error where SCSS v2 themes could not be imported into the Custom CSS editor.
  • Fix: Added user feedback to allow recovery from JPEG errors (props to @bdolor).
  • Fix: Added a call to wp_flush_cache() to fix an error during book creation.

Pressbooks 3.6.0

Pressbooks 3.6.0 just went live on and all of our other production networks. Here’s what’s changed:

  • Requires WordPress 4.5.3.
  • Feature: Structural SCSS and supports are in place for the new book theme model (see
  • Feature: Clarke 2.0 has been rebuilt on the new book theme model (see
  • Feature: Themes built on the new book theme model can display publisher logos on the title page via add_theme_support( 'pressbooks_publisher_logo', [ 'logo_uri' => $logo_uri ] ).
  • Feature: Themes built on the new book theme model define support for global typography using add_theme_support( 'pressbooks_global_typography', [ $language_codes ] ).
  • Feature: Custom post types, built-in taxonomies and custom taxonomies can now be imported from a Pressbooks or WordPress XML file using the filters pb_import_custom_post_types and pb_import_custom_taxonomies (props to @monkecheese).
  • Feature: Filter hooks have been added which allow content to be appended to front matter, chapters and back matter via pb_append_front_matter_contentpb_append_chapter_content and pb_append_back_matter_content(props to @monkecheese).
  • Feature: Network administrators can now clear all of a book’s exports (this is useful for testing).
  • Enhancement: The Export page is now responsive.
  • Enhancement: script.js is no longer required for Prince exports (if the the file is not there it will no longer trigger an error).
  • Enhancement: The <base href=""> tag has been removed from XHTML outputs, which should make these files more functional in some cases (props to @bdolor).
  • Fix: Search and Replace is now accessible to book administrators, not just network administrators.
  • Fix: The broken Forum link in the Pressbooks menu has been replaced with a link to our Help page.