Sprint Preview: September 24–October 5

This sprint, we’ll be working on: Refinements to the forthcoming glossary feature Cloning and API support for glossary terms User experience and accessibility improvements to the Export page Continued work on user experience improvements to the webbook table of contents Developing a user experience strategy for the Theme Options page to make it more intuitive […]

Sprint Preview: August 20-31

Here are some of the things we’ll be working on this sprint: Various small bug fixes and tweaks on themes Implementing UX improvements to the Table of Contents (book landing page and sidebar) on webbooks Add functionality to clone all media files when cloning a book Continuing theme conversions to Buckram

Sprint Preview: July 23–August 3

Here’s what we’ll be working on this sprint: Implementing new shortcodes for existing Pressbooks content Explore options to improve the UX and accessibility of the exports page Continuing Shibboleth research and development Releasing updated versions of our premium Baker and Christie themes with Buckram compatibility Updating our premium Andreessen and Dillard Plain themes for Buckram […]

Sprint Preview: June 25 – July 6

This sprint, we’ll be working on: Seeking feedback on our LTI/Thin CC plugin from our Open Source community and tweaking it as needed. Releasing Pressbooks 5.4.0 (which now includes our DocRaptor export module). Releasing McLuhan 2.4.0 (which includes Buckram 1.0). Releasing Aldine 1.4.0 (which includes support for WordPress 4.9.6’s Privacy tools). Increasing Pressbooks’ minimum WordPress […]

Sprint Preview: April 2–13

Here’s what we will be focusing on for our first sprint of Q2: Buckram development: We are working to finalize a stable release of Buckram, our book theme component library, which will include improvements to image layout, ordered lists, running content, and textboxes. Pressbooks 5.x and McLuhan bug fixes: We will be working on more […]

Pressbooks is on Open Collective

With our sprint previews, idea board, and various other initiatives, we’re increasing our efforts to foster and engage the Pressbooks Open Source community 1. As part of this process, we have decided to set up an Open Collective account for the Pressbooks Open Source project so that our Open Source users can, if they wish […]

GitHub Housekeeping

A quick note from the dev team: we are working to improve our GitHub issue management. With this in mind, we’re closing stale issues which have not seen any activity in the last 60 days. This does not mean that they will not be revisited — many of them are on our roadmap, in fact! […]