Pressbooks 5.27.1

This past Thursday (September 30) we released a new version of Pressbooks which included several new contributor-related features that we’d been working hard on for the past several weeks (more about this in our guide). Unfortunately, the release also included an uncaught bug that resulted in the book home pages appearing broken (the page displayed […]

Planned Deprecation Notice: MOBI exports

Last year, Amazon announced that they were discontinuing their KindleGen command line tool that Pressbooks uses to generate MOBI files, and Amazon recommended that users use EPUB format for publishing new reflowable titles and updating previously published titles in the Kindle ecosystem. Because the tool we use to generate MOBI files is no longer supported, […]

Pressbooks 2018: The Year in Review, part 1

When others ask me what Pressbooks is, I often say that it’s two things: 1) terrific open-source book publishing software and 2) the people who make, use, and care about that software. If there’s still time and interest, I go on to explain that Pressbooks is a collection of open-source software components, largely built on […]

The Pressbooks Community Forum

As many of you know, we maintain a forum for Open Source users of Pressbooks at After some internal discussion, we’ve decided to close down the #opensource channel on Pressbooks Slack and refocus our Open Source community efforts on the forum. We’ve decided on this change because we believe that keeping conversations among our […]

Seeking: Junior Front-end Designer/Developer for 2 month+ contract

We’re looking for a junior front-end web designer/developer for a 2 month contract (in Montreal) that could lead into a full-time job with for Pressbooks, an open source web-based book publishing platform. Ideally, you’ve worked with WordPress, know your way around CSS and SASS, and have a particular interest in books, reading, & writing. We […]

Our new roadmap

At the start of 2017, we established a development roadmap for Pressbooks to guide our work through the coming year. This past week we had the opportunity to review and reflect on that roadmap during our retreat at Pressbooks HQ, and you can see our new roadmap here. 2017: Year of Core I want to […]