Sprint Preview: November 5–16

This sprint we are wrapping up the development and testing of Pressbooks 5.6.0 and McLuhan 2.6.0, which we intend to release in the latter half of November. This includes some final polish on the new glossary feature, adding support for HTML5 image markup using <figure> and <figcaption>, and adding the ability to target print and […]

Q4 Roadmap Preview

In Q3, we added a couple new and exciting features to Pressbooks: Image attributions (thanks to Brad and Alex at BCcampus) New shortcodes to facilitate adding more complex content We also released a new Open Source plugin, Pressbooks Shibboleth SSO, which provides bilateral Shibboleth SSO integration for Pressbooks networks. And we converted a few more […]

Sprint Preview: August 6 to 17

Here are some of the things we’ll be working on this sprint: Bug fixes for a couple of theme elements and theme options Bug fixes/improvements to our cloning tool Improving the UX of the book Table of Contents on the book homepage Continuing work on the Export page UX Continuing theme conversions to Buckram We […]

Sprint Preview: July 9 – 20

Here’s what we’ll be working on this sprint: Starting research into Shibboleth SSO Finalizing new design specs for an improved, more user-friendly Table of Contents, for both the webbook homepage and reading views Add new shortcodes for existing semantic elements Releasing version 1.0 of our LTI Provider plugin Fixing textbox markup for non-Buckram themes

Pressbooks LTI Provider plugin ready for testing!

Good news for everyone using Pressbooks in the education sphere: Over the last couple of months, we have been working on developing our own LTI Provider plugin, which is now almost release-ready! The LTI Provider plugin will allow institutions to embed Pressbooks content in their Learning Management Systems (LMSs) using the LTI standard. In terms […]

Book Themes, Part 2: What’s Buckram?

In the early days of Pressbooks, each book theme was pretty much built from scratch, using trial and error (and adapting work that went into our first book theme, Luther). We used vanilla CSS for all book themes until Pressbooks 3.0 was released in December 2015, which supported themes built using the SCSS variant of […]

Q3 Roadmap Preview

Q2 is drawing to a close, and we managed to get a couple of big-ticket items out the door: Pressbooks CAS SSO Plugin Pressbooks LTI Provider Plugin We didn’t manage to finish as many roadmap items as we expected, but here’s what we crossed out: ✔ Improve textbox and table styling across all formats ✔ […]