Pressbooks and Gutenberg

We’ve been closely following the development of Gutenberg, WordPress’ new block-based editor, since its earliest technical prototypes. With the impending release of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 (currently scheduled for November 19), we want to provide an update to the Pressbooks community on our plans for Gutenberg integration. In brief: we have deactivated Gutenberg for Pressbooks […]

Moving Half a Million Database Tables to AWS Aurora (Part 1)

This post is about migrating to AWS. Does It Scale? At Pressbooks we use WordPress Multisite as a development platform. Pressbooks changes WordPress and makes every blog a book. The prevailing wisdom of the day is that a relational database should have a manageable set of tables with lots of rows of data in them …and […]

Rethinking Book Themes

Pressbooks has built book themes the same way for quite a while, with the only significant change being the switch from CSS to SCSS in Pressbooks 3.0. Shown below is the structure for one of our open-source themes, Clarke (with a couple of omissions that aren’t relevant to this post). ├── export │ ├── epub │ │ […]