Pressbooks 5.2.0, McLuhan 2.2.0, and Aldine 1.2.0

Minor releases of Pressbooks, McLuhan, and Aldine, are now available. These releases add a few small but oft-requested features and fix a variety of minor bugs. Please note that Pressbooks 5.2.0 and McLuhan 2.2.0 are inderdependent and must be updated together. Thanks to Ed Beck, Antonio Devís at Books for Languages, Thomas Dumm at Delivros, […]

Pressbooks 5.0.2

Pressbooks 5.0.2, which contains a fix for a bug that was introduced in Pressbooks 5.0.1, is now available. If you’re upgrading from Pressbooks 4.x, please be sure to consult the upgrade instructions. The full changelog is available here.

Pressbooks 4.5.1

We tagged Pressbooks 4.5.1 on GitHub on January 25th — apologies for the late release notes! This is a minor maintenance release in preparation for Pressbooks 5, and provides some forward-compatibility for those who will not be ready to upgrade to Pressbooks 5 right away. Pressbooks 4.5.1 requires WordPress 4.9.2. [FIX]: Disallow dangerous file types […]

Pressbooks 4.5.0, Pressbooks Book 1.12.0, and Clarke 2.1.1

We tagged Pressbooks 4.5.0, Pressbooks Book 1.12.0, and Clarke 2.1.1 on GitHub yesterday and deployed them across our hosted networks. Here’s what’s changed: Pressbooks 4.5.0 NOTICE: Pressbooks >= 4.5 requires PHP 7.0 or greater. NOTICE: Pressbooks >= 4.5 requires WordPress 4.9.1. [FEATURE] Switching to a new theme will now update some PDF theme options to match the theme’s values […]