Pressbooks 5.6.5 and McLuhan 2.7.1

We’ve just released Pressbooks 5.6.5 and McLuhan 2.7.1. Pressbooks 5.6.5 adds support for EPUBCheck 4.1 (props Brad) and fixes a bug related to editing parts (props Josie for the bug report), as well as further optimizing SCSS compilation performance. McLuhan 2.7.1 includes Buckram 1.3.1 and fixes a bug which prevented direct linking to anchors within […]

Pressbooks 5.6.0, Mcluhan 2.6.0, and More

We’ve just released Pressbooks 5.6.0 and McLuhan 2.6.0. These releases include many new features and improvements, notably a tool for managing glossaries. The initial implementation of the new glossary tool was an open source contribution from Alex Paredes and Brad Payne at BCcampus — many thanks to them! There are also improvements to content licensing, […]

Pressbooks 5.5.6

Pressbooks 5.5.6 is now available. This release fixes an issue where very large posts with lengthy revision histories could crash the editor due to an unoptimized revisions query. Thanks to Steve Swettenham for reporting this bug!

Pressbooks Stats 1.6.1

We just released Pressbooks Stats 1.6.1, which fixes an issue with retrieving network storage when the uploads directory is a symbolic link. We’ll be deploying this update to all our hosted networks by Wednesday, October 17th.