Pressbooks 5.5.0, McLuhan 2.5.0, and more!

Pressbooks 5.5.0, McLuhan 2.5.0, Pressbooks LTI Provider 1.1.0, Pressbooks CAS SSO 1.1.0, and Pressbooks Stats 1.5.0 have been released. These updates include a wide range of new features, enhancements, and bugfixes. Of note:

Pressbooks 5.5.0 includes:

  • our Cover Generator tool, which was previously not available to Open Source users.
  • a handful of new shortcodes to facilitate content authoring.
  • a new tool for adding attribution and license data to images (many thanks to Brad Payne and Alex Paredes at BCcampus for building this feature)
  • improvements to the accuracy of book cloning
  • better support for TablePress

McLuhan 2.5.0 includes:

  • usability improvements to navigation between parts, chapters, front matter, and back matter
  • improvements to the comparison tool for cloned content
  • improvements to the collapsible sections feature

There are also some bug fixes, coding standards improvements, and tweaks in the other plugins. Pressbooks 5.5.0 requires WordPress 4.9.8 and PHP 7.1 or greater.

You can read all the changelogs on our documentation site. Thanks to Brad and Alex of BCcampus for their development work and to Antonio DevĂ­s and Luis Izquierdo for their bug reports and suggestions.

Pressbooks 5.4.1, McLuhan 2.4.1, and Luther 1.8.3

Pressbooks 5.4.1, McLuhan 2.4.0, and Luther 1.8.3 are now available! These releases contain bug fixes, including:

  • A fix for an issue where importing a Pressbooks XML file would ignore part content
  • A tweak to our iframe handling which attempts to convert iframes into embed shortcodes instead of deleting them for users who lack permissions to add/save iframes
  • A fallback for themes which don’t support Buckram 1.0’s updated textboxes
  • A bugfix for part titles in Luther
  • Some improved status codes for various conditions.

Pressbooks 5.4.1 requires WordPress 4.9.7.

For full changelogs, you can visit our documentation site.