No Open Source Call in December

Our monthly Open Source call would typically have taken place on today (Monday, December 2), but we’re cancelling it (we did a lot of travelling and onboarding in November and could use a brief break). We’ll post a notice about a January open source call once we’ve finalized the date and time. See you then!

No Open Source Call in July

Our typically monthly Open Source call would have taken place at Monday, July 1, which is a federal holiday in Canada. Because it’s summer and there’s a lot of vacationing and other travel, we’re going to cancel the call this month and come back to hold our next open source call in August.

Open Source Call 05/06

Our monthly Open Source call will take place at Monday, April 6 at 2pm Eastern on Zoom. Here’s the agenda. My apologies for the late notice on this. I was originally supposed to on an airplane today, but travel plans changed over the weekend. Hope to still see many of you on the call all […]