Pressbooks is on Open Collective

With our sprint previews, idea board, and various other initiatives, we’re increasing our efforts to foster and engage the Pressbooks Open Source community 1. As part of this process, we have decided to set up an Open Collective account for the Pressbooks Open Source project so that our Open Source users can, if they wish […]

Sprint Preview: March 19–30

Our last sprint of Q1, running March 19–30, will focus on: Further bug fixes and improvements to Aldine based on user feedback Further bug fixes and improvements to McLuhan based on user feedback Development of a new version-tracking feature in McLuhan which will allow readers to compare chapters in a cloned webbook to the source […]

Pressbooks 5.0.2

Pressbooks 5.0.2, which contains a fix for a bug that was introduced in Pressbooks 5.0.1, is now available. If you’re upgrading from Pressbooks 4.x, please be sure to consult the upgrade instructions. The full changelog is available here.