Pressbooks 5.4.1, McLuhan 2.4.1, and Luther 1.8.3

Pressbooks 5.4.1, McLuhan 2.4.0, and Luther 1.8.3 are now available! These releases contain bug fixes, including: A fix for an issue where importing a Pressbooks XML file would ignore part content A tweak to our iframe handling which attempts to convert iframes into embed shortcodes instead of deleting them for users who lack permissions to […]

Pressbooks 5.4.0, McLuhan 2.4.0, Aldine 1.4.0, and more!

Pressbooks 5.4.0, McLuhan 2.4.0, Aldine 1.4.0, Clarke 2.3.0, and Jacobs 1.1.0 are now available! These releases contain new features and bug fixes, including: A reorganized admin bar for network administrators and managers A lightbox feature for linked images in webbooks Core support for using DocRaptor to export PDFs (no additional plugin required) Core support for […]

Book Themes, Part 2: What’s Buckram?

In the early days of Pressbooks, each book theme was pretty much built from scratch, using trial and error (and adapting work that went into our first book theme, Luther). We used vanilla CSS for all book themes until Pressbooks 3.0 was released in December 2015, which supported themes built using the SCSS variant of […]

Pressbooks 5.3.4 Now Available

Pressbooks 5.3.4 is now available. This release fixes a just-disclosed WordPress core vulnerability which has not yet been patched in WordPress core. We encourage all Open Source users to update to Pressbooks 5.3.4 as soon as possible or follow the reporter’s instructions to add a temporary fix to your network.

Sprint Preview: June 25 – July 6

This sprint, we’ll be working on: Seeking feedback on our LTI/Thin CC plugin from our Open Source community and tweaking it as needed. Releasing Pressbooks 5.4.0 (which now includes our DocRaptor export module). Releasing McLuhan 2.4.0 (which includes Buckram 1.0). Releasing Aldine 1.4.0 (which includes support for WordPress 4.9.6’s Privacy tools). Increasing Pressbooks’ minimum WordPress […]