Sprint Preview: September 24–October 5

This sprint, we’ll be working on: Refinements to the forthcoming glossary feature Cloning and API support for glossary terms User experience and accessibility improvements to the Export page Continued work on user experience improvements to the webbook table of contents Developing a user experience strategy for the Theme Options page to make it more intuitive […]

Pressbooks 5.5.1

We just released Pressbooks 5.5.1, which fixes an issue in the release packaging for Pressbooks 5.5.0 that caused some problems with the cover generator. We encourage all users to update at their earliest convenience.

The Pressbooks Community Forum

As many of you know, we maintain a forum for Open Source users of Pressbooks at https://discourse.pressbooks.org. After some internal discussion, we’ve decided to close down the #opensource channel on Pressbooks Slack and refocus our Open Source community efforts on the forum. We’ve decided on this change because we believe that keeping conversations among our […]

Pressbooks 5.4.5

Pressbooks 5.4.5 is out, fixing a longstanding issue where paragraph separation for webbooks would change when switching themes. Thanks to Steel Wagstaff and James Paradiso for reporting it!