Sprint Preview: December 3–14

Our last full sprint of the year will be focused on bug fixes following our latest release and planning for the Pressbooks 5.7.0 and McLuhan 2.7.0 (plus Buckram 1.3.0) release cycles. We’ll be compiling ideas for implementation in the Pressbooks 5.7.0, McLuhan 2.7.0, and Buckram 1.3.0 GitHub projects.

Pressbooks 5.6.0, Mcluhan 2.6.0, and More

We’ve just released Pressbooks 5.6.0 and McLuhan 2.6.0. These releases include many new features and improvements, notably a tool for managing glossaries. The initial implementation of the new glossary tool was an open source contribution from Alex Paredes and Brad Payne at BCcampus — many thanks to them! There are also improvements to content licensing, […]

Sprint Preview: November 19-30

This sprint we’re wrapping up development and testing for Pressbooks 5.6.0 and McLuhan 2.6.0 (which includes Buckram 1.2.0). We plan to release these updates on Wednesday, November 28th. We’re also continuing research on a feature milestoned for Pressbooks 5.7.0. For more on information, you can read Dac’s blog post on his initial research from last […]

Pressbooks 5.5.6

Pressbooks 5.5.6 is now available. This release fixes an issue where very large posts with lengthy revision histories could crash the editor due to an unoptimized revisions query. Thanks to Steve Swettenham for reporting this bug!

Pressbooks and Gutenberg

We’ve been closely following the development of Gutenberg, WordPress’ new block-based editor, since its earliest technical prototypes. With the impending release of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0 (currently scheduled for November 19), we want to provide an update to the Pressbooks community on our plans for Gutenberg integration. In brief: we have deactivated Gutenberg for Pressbooks […]