Pressbooks 5.7.0, Aldine 1.6.0, McLuhan 2.8.1, Etc

Last week, we released new versions of our plugins and themes. This week we’ve pushed out those changes to all our hosted networks. You can read about those changes here: Changelogs: Enjoy!

Refactoring Slow Forms Using PHP Generators and Event Streams

The form will still be slow but the user experience will be better. The user will see a progress bar and see status updates in real time. The idea is to refactor something like this: /** * A task that takes way too loooooooooooooooooooooooong… */ function task() { step1(); step2(); step3(); // step100(); } Into […]

Moving Half a Million Database Tables to AWS Aurora (Part 1)

This post is about migrating to AWS. Does It Scale? At Pressbooks we use WordPress Multisite as a development platform. Pressbooks changes WordPress and makes every blog a book. The prevailing wisdom of the day is that a relational database should have a manageable set of tables with lots of rows of data in them …and […]