Monthly Product Update Rescheduled

There will be no monthly product update webinar this week (Thursday falls on the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States). Instead, we’ll be hosting a Pressbooks Directory launch webinar next Thursday, December 3rd, from 2-3pm ET. In this webinar, we’ll be unveiling and providing a tour of our newly released Pressbooks Directory. The webinar will feature a hands on demonstration of how it can be used to find books from across several PressbooksEDU networks for adoption and adaptation, and a discussion of how self-hosted and open source networks can request to have their networks included in the Directory. See a more detailed agenda for details, including the meeting link. Hope to see many of you there!

Published by Steel Wagstaff

Steel is Pressbooks' product manager. He began working with the open-source Pressbooks project in 2015 and joined the Pressbooks team as a full-time employee in late 2018.