New time, format, & title for monthly Open Source Calls

Hi all,

The monthly “open source calls” we previously held on the first Monday of each month are being replaced by a monthly “product update webinar.” These product update meetings will be held from 2-3pm ET on the last Thursday of each month; the first of them will be this Thursday, March 26. Meetings will be held in Zoom. A recurring event for these meetings has been published to Google Calendar.

Meetings will include a demonstration of recent improvements we’ve released and overview of projects that we’re currently working on. We’ll also leave conversation space for attendees to share news and updates about local development projects of interest, and to provide input on your Pressbooks-related product needs and desires.

The March 26 webinar will include an update on recent progress we’ve made on two long-awaited projects: 1) a searchable, filterable directory of public books across all known Pressbooks networks and 2) updates to our LTI provider plugin to make it compatible with the new 1.3 specification and add support for grade passback to the Learning Management System.

Hope to see you later this week!

Published by Steel Wagstaff

Steel is Pressbooks' product manager. He began working with the open-source Pressbooks project in 2015 and joined the Pressbooks team as a full-time employee in late 2018.

Notable Replies

  1. Hey @SteelWagstaff can you let me know if the recording has been post? Trying to update my team on the H5P / LMS project but struggling to recall the details.

    Best wishes,

  2. Hasn’t been posted yet (waiting on audio transcript to be completed). Will share soon though!

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