Pressbooks 5.9.5 and McLuhan 2.8.12

We released a patch for Pressbooks and have deployed it to all our hosted networks. We also bumped McLuhan’s version number, but there isn’t much in there, only a change to Theme Tags.

The patch introduces two new Data Collectors. Data Collectors (two words we put together to name an idea we made up) are a way of storing additional WordPress multisite metadata, or enhancing the way it is stored. This new data is already being used by our Network Analytics premium plugin. It will, next, be used to speed up the Network API.

More Info About The New Code

Users: WordPress user data is stored in two tables. Running SQL queries to access user info is generally OK. This user class only extends the metadata. For example: Last login.

Books: Like the user class, this book class extends the metadata. More importantly, this book class copies metadata into wp_blogmeta (introduced in WordPress 5.1)

WordPress book data is stored in X tables per book. Without this class, for every book on a network we have to use the expensive switch_to_blog function, point PHP to the x tables we want, run queries, then repeat for every single book.

With the introduction of this data collector, the metadata we need can be queried more easily. Example using a pivot table (aka. cross-tabulated table:)

SELECT b.blog_id AS id,             
MAX(IF(b.meta_key='pb_word_count',CAST(b.meta_value AS UNSIGNED),null)) AS words,   
MAX(IF(b.meta_key='pb_is_public',CAST(b.meta_value AS UNSIGNED),null)) AS public
FROM wp_blogmeta b
GROUP BY id HAVING (public = 0) AND (words > 1000) LIMIT 25;


“Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hype feet.” -MC Hammer