Declaring your plugin’s compatibility with Pressbooks

Last summer, WooCommerce introduced a new feature in version 3.2 of their core plugin: compatibility alerts for installed add-on plugins when new versions of WooCommerce became available. By adding a line to the plugin headers of a WooCommerce add-on, developers could let users know the most recent version of WooCommerce with which they’d tested their plugin.

We really liked this idea, so Dac built a similar feature into Pressbooks 5. Now, when future updates to Pressbooks show up on the plugins page of a Pressbooks, users will see whether or not their Pressbooks-specific add-ons have been tested with the latest version:

Plugin compatibility notice

If you develop plugins that extend Pressbooks functionality (we check for pressbooks in the plugin slug, name, and description), you can add Pressbooks tested up to: 5.0.0 (or whatever version string is relevant) to your plugin headers, and Pressbooks will reflect your plugin’s compatibility in the update notice. We hope this feature will give network administrators a better understanding at a glance of whether they can safely update to the latest version of Pressbooks. Of course, we still encourage thorough testing in a development or staging environment before installing a major update.

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.