Sprint Preview: March 5-16

Our sprint running March 5-16 will focus on:

    • Bug fixes for Pressbooks 5.0, Aldine 1.0 & McLuhan 2.0 (formerly known as Book 2.0)
      We are pleased and relieved to have completed our big releases in the previous sprint, and are now planning to spend some time following up on bug reports and polishing a few edges. We will be releasing patches for Pressbooks, Aldine and McLuhan early in the sprint.
    • Buckram Additions
      We will also be continuing our theme development work, implementing several improvements to Buckram that we have identified in-house.
    • Interactive Content
      We expect to release the work we have been doing on interactive content in the second week of the sprint, with updates to Pressbooks and McLuhan which will enable this feature for all themes. This feature offers support for video, audio, whitelisted iFrame and H5P content (if the plugin is installed) across all formats, with fallbacks in place where interactive content is not supported.

Are you working on related goals? Let us know in the Pressbooks Forum!