Sprint Preview: Feb 19 – Mar 2

This year will be a busy one for the Pressbooks team, so we’ve decided to share publicly what we’re working towards in our two-week sprints. We hope this will give you a better sense of what’s going behind the scenes, and help you plan your own development schedule!

Our sprint running February 19 – March 2 will focus on:

    • Interactive content styling
      We have completed our first pass implementation of interactive content support, and will be finalizing the styling of the messages injected in place of unsupported content in exports. This work is slated for release in 5.1 and is supported by eCampus Ontario.
    • Plugin Compatibility Checker
      This feature will identify plugins that are (in)compatible with available updates based on their plugin headers. A warning will inform Pressbooks administrators about extensions that haven’t been updated for compatibility with new releases.
    • Theme Development
      We will also be continuing our theme development work, using the theme conversion process to identify improvements and potential new SCSS components in Buckram.
    • Pressbooks 5, Aldine 1.0 & Book 2.0 (including McLuhan) release
      We plan to release the above early in the second week of this sprint, and to deploy to our hosted networks soon after.

Are you working on related goals? Let us know in the Pressbooks Forum!