Sprint Preview: Feb 5–16

This year will be a busy one for the Pressbooks team, so we’ve decided to share publicly what we’re working towards in our two-week sprints. We hope this will give you a better sense of what’s going behind the scenes, and help you plan your own development schedule!

Our sprint running February 5 – 16 will focus on:

    • Release testing of Pressbooks 5, Aldine 1.0 & Book 2.0 (including McLuhan)
      Our team will be working through the final testing before release, slated for Feb 14th (pending anything unexpected).
    • First pass implementation of interactive content support
      Building off a product specification finalized in the previous sprint, we’ll be working on the first iteration of interactive content support across all formats. This development is supported by eCampus Ontario.
    • Jacobs 1.0
      We’ll be letting our new team member Daniel loose on finalizing Jacobs, one of two new Open Source themes ideal for Open Textbook creation (supported by eCampus Ontario). Daniel has joined the Pressbooks team for three months to help us transition our themes to the new structure.

Are you working on related goals? Let us know in the Pressbooks Forum!