Sprint Preview: Jan 22–Feb 2

This year will be a busy one for the Pressbooks team, so we’ve decided to share publicly what we’re working towards in our two-week sprints. We hope this will give you a better sense of what’s going behind the scenes, and help you plan your own development schedule!

Our sprint running January 22 – February 2 will focus on:

    • Preparations for Pressbooks 5
      Our team will be thoroughly testing Pressbooks 5 to ensure its readiness for release.
    • First cut of chapter import using the Pressbooks REST API
      We’ll be developing a feature that allows the import of individual chapters directly from a Pressbooks book. This development is supported by eCampus Ontario.
    • Product specification process for interactive content support
      The demand for interactive content, such as H5P, PHET simulations, iFrames, etc. has been steadily increasing, especially in the OER community. Our product team will be working on a product specification to best handle interactive content (audio and video) across all formats. This development is supported by eCampus Ontario.
    • New Open Textbook themes
      We’ll be testing and finalizing Jacobs and McLuhan, two new Open Source themes ideal for Open Textbook creation, in preparation for their upcoming release. The development of these themes has been supported by eCampus Ontario.
    • Book 2.0 (contains McLuhan) and Aldine 1.0
      Continued testing and review of the new webbook (Book 2.0, which contains McLuhan) and new network homepage and catalog (Aldine 1.0) themes in preparation for release. The development of these themes has been supported by Ryerson University.

Are you working on related goals? Let us know in the Pressbooks Forum!

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.