Pressbooks 4.3.5 and Pressbooks Book 1.10.5

We tagged Pressbooks 4.3.5 and Pressbooks Book 1.10.5 on GitHub today and are now deploying them across our hosted networks. Here’s what’s changed:

Pressbooks 4.3.5

NOTICE: Pressbooks >= 4.3.3 requires WordPress 4.8.2.
NOTICE: Users of the Pressbooks Custom CSS theme must upgrade to Pressbooks Custom CSS 1.0 for compatibility with Pressbooks >= 4.3.0.

  • [CORE ENHANCEMENT] Use Laravel Container instead of Pimple as our service container; add Laravel Blade support for future templated outputs (see #831, #962, and #970).
  • [FIX] Content imported from EPUB is now ordered by spine order instead of manifest order (props to @hakkim-pits; see #442 and #968).
  • [FIX] Custom styles are no longer sanitized in ways that improperly encode characters (see #972).
  • [FIX] Sanitize body font size PDF theme option as a float instead of an integer to allow more size options (see #969).
  • [FIX] home_url is now used instead of site_url when linking to front-end content (see #971; reference: roots/bedrock#316).
  • [FIX] Shortcodes will now be cloned as is to preserve more footnote and LaTeX data (see #973).
  • [FIX] Special characters in a book title will no longer lead to filename issues under certain circumstances (see #974).

Pressbooks Book 1.10.15

  • [FIX] Added cache busting to ensure that custom styles are loaded after save (see #46).

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.

Notable Replies

  1. Super smooth unattended install. Thanks.

    Where there were permissions issues on certain instances causing install failures, was due to FTP upload creating (664) files, whereas WP upload was (775) files.

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