Pressbooks 4.2 and Pressbooks Book 1.10.1

We tagged Pressbooks 4.2.0 and Pressbooks Book 1.10.1 on GitHub today and we’re deploying them across our hosted networks tomorrow. Here’s what’s changed:

Pressbooks 4.2

NOTICE: Pressbooks 4.2 requires WordPress 4.8.1.

  • Feature: Full-sized images will be used where possible in Print PDF exports to ensure that exported PDFs meet image resolution requirements (see #894, #898 and #900).
  • Feature: WXR import and clone operations will now attempt to fetch original images from the source book in addition to the scaled/cropped version in the book content (see #895 and #902).
  • Feature: Content on the organize page now has a View link as will as Edit and Trash (see #840and #893).
  • Enhancement: The Masterminds HTML5 parser is now used instead of \DOMDocument where possible for improved error handling and compatibility with HTML5 elements (see #889 and #896).
  • Enhancement: Unnecessary HTTP calls have been removed from export routines (see #899).
  • Enhancement: Installation instructions are now linked from the readme file instead of being included (see #891 and #892).
  • Fix: Resolved some inconsistencies with custom copyright notice and copyright year display (see #922).
  • Fix: Clone operations now have a 5-minute time limit which should reduce the occurrence of timeouts (props to @bdolor for the bug report; see #903 and #904).
  • Fix: Visiting /catalog on the root site no longer causes an error (see #905).
  • Fix: Pressbooks LaTeX settings no longer appear on the root site’s dashboard (see #910 and #911).
  • Fix: The Organize page now supports all post statuses (see #915).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the Pressbooks News dashboard widget would be cached in the wrong language (see #918 and #921).
  • Fix: Removed some unused code from the PB LaTeX symbiont (props to @jeremyfelt; see #923).

Pressbooks Book 1.10.1

  • Fix: Consistent display of custom copyright notice (see #38).

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.

Notable Replies

  1. Had to manually upgrade via FTP zip extract as updating within WordPress Updates gave the following error:

    The update process is starting. This process may take a while on some hosts, so please be patient.

    Enabling Maintenance mode…
    Updating Plugin Pressbooks (1/1)

    Downloading update from…

    An error occurred while updating Pressbooks: Download failed. Forbidden
    Disabling Maintenance mode…
    All updates have been completed.

    Other WordPress plugins update without issue.
    Is the following correct for Github plugin for updating pressbooks-book?
    Theme URI:

    Github plugin for updating pressbooks?
    Theme URI:

  2. ned says:

    No, that’s not correct. In the plugin we define the GitHub Plugin URI:

    If you have other configuration in GitHub Updater that is overriding this that’s causing your error.

  3. I understand manual entry of a new plugin to Github updater could be used, however my initial PB update attempt was the WordPress updater.
    Github updater plugin indicated:
    Installed Plugins and Themes
    GitHub Updater
    Pressbooks Textbook
    Pressbooks Custom CSS
    Pressbooks Publisher

    Error in previous PB update error message was using default Github updater plugin settings.

  4. Idea from Pressbooks-book file -

    Theme URI:

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