Pressbooks 4.1 and Pressbooks Book 1.10

We tagged Pressbooks 4.1.0 and Pressbooks Book 1.10.0 on GitHub on Friday and we’re deploying them across our hosted networks today. Here’s what’s changed:

Pressbooks 4.1

NOTICE: Pressbooks 4.1 requires WordPress 4.8.1.

  • Feature: Cloning! Clone any public, properly-licensed book from any Pressbooks 4.1 network including your own (super admins can clone any book from their own network, regardless of license) (see #841, #857, #881, #885).
  • Feature: Granular display controls for content licenses at the book and section level (see #805, #867, #873, #883, #884).
  • Feature: Word count for the entire book and for content marked for export is now displayed on the Organize page (see #842, #878, #880).
  • Feature: Users can now delete their own books from the book menu (see #845, #864).
  • Feature: Custom taxonomies are now available in the Pressbooks REST API v2 (see #851, #853).
  • Feature: The isBasedOn property is now saved in metadata and displayed in the Pressbooks REST API v2 (see #850, #852).
  • Feature: Search & Replace with RegEx is now available for super admins without additional configuration (see #870, #871, #879).
  • Feature: Punjabi Gurmukhi support (props to @alexpflores) (see #877).
  • Enhancement: Book editors can now modify theme options and custom CSS (see #862, #863).
  • Enhancement: The Pressbooks News feed is now cached across all sites to reduce unnecessary network access (see #882).
  • Fix: The TOC endpoint in the Pressbooks REST API v2 now uses chapters and parts for consistency with the endpoints for these post types.
  • Fix: The EPUB importer now properly detects and handles optional whitespaces (see #554, #874).
  • Fix: Users without super admin privileges can no longer access the trash when they shouldn’t be able to do so (see #865).
  • Fix: Image URLs with #fixme on the end will now be properly copied into EPUBs during export (see #887).

Pressbooks Book 1.10

  • Feature: Add support for Pressbooks 4.1.0’s content licensing feature (see #25, #26, #31, #32, #37, pressbooks/pressbooks#805).
  • Feature: Add support for Punjabi Gurmukhi script (props to @alexpflores) (see #27).
  • Fix: Fix an issue where enabling social media would break the mobile webbook layout (see #28, #30).
  • Fix: Fix an issue where numberless chapters in a book would cause the MOBI export to fail with certain book themes (see #33).
  • Fix: Add webbook theme support for WordPress’ built-in <!--nextpage--> tag, which splits a single post into multiple web pages (see #35).

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.