Pressbooks 3.9.9

We just released Pressbooks 3.9.9 on GitHub and will be deploying it to and our other production networks today. Here’s what changed:

NOTICE: Pressbooks now requires WordPress 4.7.5.

  • Feature: A curated listed of recommended plugins is now displayed within the plugin installer (see #729).
  • Feature: Search and Replace now supports regular expressions (props to @stepmuel; see #754). This feature can be enabled by adding: define( 'PB_ENABLE_REGEX_SEARCHREPLACE', true ); to wp-config.php.
  • Enhancement: Updating a book theme will now trigger the regeneration of the webbook stylesheet (see #727 and #762).
  • Enhancement: There is now a specific template part, private.php, for the page that is displayed when a book is private (props to @stepmuel; see #755).
  • Enhancement: “Part” is now properly localized in the PDF Table of Contents (see #742).
  • Enhancement: Improved blank page rules in theme components.
  • Enhancement: The Ebook theme options tab is now hidden when Ebook dependencies are missing (props to @masaka222; see #745).
  • Enhancement: Dependency check results are now stored in site transients to reduce unnecessary function calls (see #749, #750).
  • Enhancement: Replaced variables with constants where appropriate (see #751).
  • Enhancement: Replaced uses of PATH_CURRENT_SITE with network_home_url() (props to @jeremyfelt; see #734).
  • Enhancement: Current $post is now included with wp_enqueue_media() in symbionts/custom-metadata (props to @jeremyfelt; see #735).
  • Fix: Removed the sticky navigation bar that overlapped webbook content (props to @pbstudent for the bug report; see #747 and #760).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where running content strings would not be populated when a custom title page was used (see #496 and #761).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the book title would not update properly (see #542 and #746).
  • Fix: Fixed issues that arose when pb_language or user_interface_lang were not set (props to @monkecheese for initial bug report and testing; see #738, #739, #740).
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where a database error would be thrown when installing on a utf8mb4 MySQL instance (props to @jeremyfelt; see #733).

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.