Pressbooks 3.9.4

Pressbooks 3.9.4 just went live on and all of our other production networks. Here’s what changed:

  • Feature: Pressbooks + Hypothesis: Version 0.4.8 of the Hypothesis WordPress plugin now supports custom post types, and Pressbooks 3.9.4 adds Hypothesis support to all of ours (parts, chapters, front and back matter).
  • Feature: Having a problem with Pressbooks? We’ve added a diagnostics page which is accessible from the ‘Diagnostics’ link in the footer of every dashboard screen. If you need to report a bug, copy your system configuration info from your Diagnostics page to help us help you resolve the issue more efficiently.
  • Enhancement: check_epubcheck_install can now be overridden using the pb_epub_has_dependencies hook for use cases where EPUB validation is not required (props to @monkecheese for the PR).
  • Enhancement: Some adjustments were made to the PDF output stylesheets for running headers and footers.
  • Fix: Fixed a visual glitch by hiding the TinyMCE table editor’s inline toolbar.

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.