Pressbooks 3.9.3

Pressbooks 3.9.3 just went live on and all of our other production networks. Here’s what changed:

  • NOTE: Saxon-HE 9.7.0-10 is no longer bundled with Pressbooks and must be installed separately for ODT export support (see Installation).
  • Feature: The copy on the publish page can now be replaced by adding a filter to the pressbooks_publish_page filter hook.
  • Feature: If registration is enabled, a ‘Register’ button now appears on the front page of the Pressbooks Publisher theme.
  • Enhancement: A URL sanitization routine has been added to the \Pressbooks\Options class.
  • Enhancement: The methods of \Pressbooks\Options which list the options of various types (bool, string, float, etc.) are now optional, and the sanitize function now checks for each type before trying to sanitize it.
  • Enhancement: The publish page has been refactored using the \Pressbooks\Options class.
  • Fix: Unwanted validation warning emails will no longer be sent.

Published by Ned Zimmerman

Lead developer emeritus @pressbooks.